Counselling an Eating Disorder and controlling the “voice.”

Living with an eating disorder is lonely, terrifying and isolating. You continually feel mentally and physically ill. It’s an exhausting illness that insidiously draws your loved ones into your illness. It will try and suck the life out of your friends, family and yourself. Over one third of sufferers will lose their lives. I know this because I suffered with eating disorders for most of my adult life. I moved from Binge Eating Disorder to Anorexia twice. My final battle with Anorexia almost cost me my life.

For many years the anorexic voice in my head was both my best friend and my worst enemy. But in 2008 I got better and the voice went away for ever! I vividly remember this voice. In fact it was there every single waking hour of the day. It never left me alone. But for many years, I was alone, so very alone. With only the persecuting voice to keep me company. It was there through my insomnia, my anxieties, my fears. It was there.

I have yet to meet a healthcare professional who even tried to understand the “voice.” It’s possible they avoided the subject because they really hadn’t got a clue what the “voice” is about. It’s my contention that unless we gain control of this voice, then we will never ever be completely free of our eating disorder. Very few healthcare professionals have my experiences. I consider my approach to treating an Eating Disorder to be unique. I fuse my training, education and work experience as a Social Worker and Counsellor with the experience of living with an Eating Disorder for over 25 years and subsequently making a complete recovery

I would like to think that I am uniquely qualified to treat your Eating Disorder with counselling. Hopefully together we can eliminate that nagging “voice” in your head give you the chance of making a full recovery.

This is my Counselling website. If you would like me to help then please contact me. All contact details are on the site. I look forward to hearing from you.


About Derbyshire Counselling Service

I am a qualified and experienced counsellor who started working in the field in 1990. I have been seriously ill and almost died from an eating disorder. Anorexia was my best/worst friend for so long. Now it has gone and its time to start again. I want to help others eat their illness. I offer a unique service as i can truly empathise with my clients and help them in a way that almost every other counsellor can not. I saw so many other people suffering so painfully and desperately and i witnessed and suffered some terrible treatments by healthcare professionals. I truly would like to let the world know how much we suffer in silence and try and and these indignities. I was ill for 20 years but my sense of altruism remains as fresh as ever
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