My creative phase continues


Elegy for an emerging butterfly

What a sight to behold
Is that of the emerging butterfly
Cocooned for a dark oblivious eternity
She emerges
Neither renewed
Nor reborn
Just herself once again
Only this time
More complete
With a purpose
With a passion unbounded
And with her new beau by her side
For as long as time allows.

The shadowy streaks of winter

As she lies beside me
In my bed
Or is it hers?
The early morning darkness gives way
To early morning tenderness
And the shadowy streaks of winter
Touch her delicate skin
Does she feel it’s embrace?
She has me to do that
Every every morning until summer
And then on again until winter.


About Derbyshire Counselling Service

I am a qualified and experienced counsellor who started working in the field in 1990. I have been seriously ill and almost died from an eating disorder. Anorexia was my best/worst friend for so long. Now it has gone and its time to start again. I want to help others eat their illness. I offer a unique service as i can truly empathise with my clients and help them in a way that almost every other counsellor can not. I saw so many other people suffering so painfully and desperately and i witnessed and suffered some terrible treatments by healthcare professionals. I truly would like to let the world know how much we suffer in silence and try and and these indignities. I was ill for 20 years but my sense of altruism remains as fresh as ever
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