‘Twas at this place



‘Twas at this place
One night
Not too long ago
But not so long ago
That I can forget
When we cemented our future
And danced
And made love ersatz
Of the bewildered
As they intermittently
And cautiously
Passed us by

‘Twas on that night
That my love and I
Swore our allegiance as we exchanged bands of gold.
And frolicked until the
Dark and cold
called us home
With the feeling of
True love
And permanence in our hearts
I was sure that this was our time

‘Twas on this afternoon
When I came back to this place
And found nothing and no-one
But the tears of loss
Welling up in my dimmed and dying eyes
With dreams no more
And my future
Locked permanently
In the not too distant, but well remembered past.

M. Bloodworth. 2014



About Derbyshire Counselling Service

I am a qualified and experienced counsellor who started working in the field in 1990. I have been seriously ill and almost died from an eating disorder. Anorexia was my best/worst friend for so long. Now it has gone and its time to start again. I want to help others eat their illness. I offer a unique service as i can truly empathise with my clients and help them in a way that almost every other counsellor can not. I saw so many other people suffering so painfully and desperately and i witnessed and suffered some terrible treatments by healthcare professionals. I truly would like to let the world know how much we suffer in silence and try and and these indignities. I was ill for 20 years but my sense of altruism remains as fresh as ever
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